The President Does Not Have the Constitutional Authority to Kill You

There’s treachery afoot.  It is cloaked in the flag, pushed by people sworn to uphold the Constitution, and it cuts across the political divide, but there it is just the same. On December 1, 2011, Obama Administration lawyers declared to the press that American citizens are legitimate targets in the Administration’s “War on Terror” and […]

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DoD Cuts: It’s About Time

A great deal of stress and anxiety has been caused recently among defense hawks insisting on sparing the military from the automatic spending cuts demanded by budget sequestration.  They insist such measures will lead to a crippled American defense.  The numbers clearly show this isn’t the case and their fears could be alleviated by taking […]

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Unemployment in Michigan

With the recent primary in Michigan, the Obama administration and the media have inundated the public with accounts of how the car bailouts and other government interventions have promoted both Michigan and the United States. In responding to this account, various free-market sources have explained the shortcomings of the car bailouts, showing them to be unnecessary, harmful, […]

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Five Reasons Advocates of Limited Government Should Oppose Mitt Romney

With Mitt Romney’s victories in Iowa and New Hampshire as well as strong polling both in coming states and nationally, the likelihood of him achieving the Republican nomination has soared. Gaining support across a wide spectrum of voters, Romney has most curiously achieved large backing from proponents of the Tea Party, as evinced by strong […]

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We Can All Be Austrians Now

In his article What is Austrian Economics, Matt Yglesias recognizes the growing strength of Austrian economics on the political environment as exemplified by Ron Paul’s recent 2nd place finish in New Hampshire. After providing a brief history of Austrian economics and recounting some feuds between libertarian economists, he criticizes aspects of Austrian economic theory, condemning it as extreme, outlandish, […]

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A Primer On Money – Part I

What is money? People encounter so many different measures of money supply, with esoteric designations like M0, MB, M1, M2, M3, and MZM, that difficulty inevitably arises when trying to understand just what exactly constitutes this ubiquitous, yet ill-defined facet of life. When considering such a question as ‘what makes something what it is,’ functional […]

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Money and Morality

All these evils caused by the depreciation of the money in circulation are most afflicting; but there is another evil, far more deadly, that this depreciation has engendered and which will spread more and more: that is, the moral depravity of the population and abandon of every principle of equity. Truly, the discredit of the […]

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On Arizona House Bill 2822

Representatives Pancrazi, Farley, Saldate, Tovar, Ableser, Alston, Crandell, Jones, McCune, Davis and Pratt have decided that Arizona needs a new organization which they would like to call the Joint Legislative Study Committee on Farm-to-School Programs. It will be the purposes of this organization, they propose, to engage in all of the following four activities: Evaluate […]

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A Reply to Mr. Medved

Michael Medved, the radio talk show host, wrote on December 29th in the Daily Beast about Ron Paul’s candidacy. He was not supportive. His overall point was thus: ‘Any honest assessment of Ron Paul’s unconventional campaign suggests that whatever successes it manages to achieve can send only two signals, both of them disastrous to Republican […]

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