Iterating a Concept of Sets

By Brandon Mitchell If you: A)     Recognized the (admittedly belaboured) pun in the title and B)      Then opened the article to read it then this article is likely beneath you. If however, you were just interested in an article about sets, then this very well may prove both interesting and helpful! Maybe you too, like […]

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On Lombard Street – Part II

‘Political economists say that capital sets towards the most profitable trades, and that it rapidly leaves the less profitable and non-paying trades. But in ordinary countries this is a slow process, and some persons who want to have an ocular demonstration of abstract truths have been inclined to doubt it because they could not see […]

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Of Friends and Foils

By Oliver Ray I’m looking after a dog at the moment. He’s a rather fine West Highland White called Woolly. Though I’m not sure he knows he is, since he doesn’t come when he’s called. He has an expressive, almost human face and big bushy white eyebrows. He is fed twice a day and walked […]

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On Lombard Street – Part I

‘But I maintain that the Money Market is as concrete and real as anything else; that it can be described in plain words; that it is the writer’s fault if what he says is not clear.’ ‘The briefest and truest way of describing Lombard Street is to say that it is by far the greatest […]

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Capping Taxes or Capping Revenue?

By Brandon Mitchell Alex Estorick, an intern at ConservativeHome, has commented on top end marginal tax rates and an old New Zealand  Labour party proposal to cap the amount of income tax any given individual was expected to pay. It was difficult not to notice a slight mismatch between the rationale for supporting such a […]

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On Corporate Financing

By Brandon Mitchell Annette Poulson has written a survey of literature on how corporations choose to finance. The following are some comments on that essay. We are all familiar with the variety of motivations for taking on personal debt whether it be to facilitate consumption (credit cards) or to leverage cash flow for investment (home […]

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